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Skeleton Youth Forever

by Yüth Forever

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rossday Progressive, Nu Metal, Metalcore. I feel like I needed to listen to this when I was 16. Cheers YF, excited to hear what comes next Favorite track: THE SONG I WROTE FOR YOU.
Luke M
Luke M thumbnail
Luke M Coarse, sad, angry and unrelenting, Skeleton Youth Forever acts as a reprise of Yuth Forever/Villains' lifespan up to this point, as well as a good summation of their evolution into new territory. It's even got a few callbacks to 10 Code, too. It's absolutely blistering rage and regret for anybody clinging to fear of rejection or growing older without someone to stand by you. Favorite track: THE SONG I WROTE FOR YOU.
Sam Gottshall
Sam Gottshall thumbnail
Sam Gottshall Finally an album I can say i'm extremely excited about. This is the kind of music I love. United through relativity. Favorite track: PEOPLE PLEASER.
Euclid thumbnail
Euclid This album has the raw emotional outpouring that was evident on Freudian Slip, but with more of the sinister style and gritty approach of 10 Code. It bounces back and forth between crushing aggression and eerie unsettling interludes for an experience that leaves the listener sitting in fear of what he/she may hear next. It's also worth mentioning that they truly nailed the interludes this time around; the whole album flows seamlessly through a nightmare-world of introspective reflection. 10/10 Favorite track: innocence.
Mikey Duffield
Mikey Duffield thumbnail
Mikey Duffield this song pulls at my heart strings, album of the year for me so far. Favorite track: warmth.
Ronnie Pozovsky
Ronnie Pozovsky thumbnail
Ronnie Pozovsky I've never heard a breakdown that makes me wanna kill all my friends harder than the one in this song <3 Favorite track: PEOPLE PLEASER.
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Yüth Forever's sophomore release for Prosthetic Records is 13 songs of groove-laden, dark electronic, angst filled mood metal.


released June 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Yüth Forever Oswego, Illinois

Fusing a well-concocted serving of aggressive hardcore blended with death & metalcore (vibes) while filled with hook-laden grooves and punishing riffs, Illinois –based quintet VILLAINS have taken amass their own scene within the genre with no holds barred. ... more

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Well it must be the love
I mean the lack thereof
The words fall off my tongue
Shot like bullets and made you run
What have I become?
Preaching for you to grab your gun
Put it to your head
Suicidal pistol grip pump

Back again I ain’t dead just yet
Though your absence flows like a kiss from death
Fuck all the pretense cause everyone gets upset
I’ve gotta get this off my chest I can’t keep playing pretend
So this is me, this is me
Somewhat put together and still bursting at the seams
Sing it one time for each dream I couldn't achieve

One time, one time for all my dead friends
And everyone who spends time chasing dead ends
I wont last forever
And when I die I don't give a fuck who attends

Cause I'm just a bitterromantic who's self centered antics
Made me transparent to my friends and parents
A lonely bastard birthed in a casket
Never managed to man up and move passed her
Youth by my side, .45 I keep strapped
Try and explain how I forgot how to laugh
Nobody cares so I put myself on my back
So doctor answer the question that I’ve been dying to ask
What lasts forever?
Forever. Forever. Forever. Forever.
Heart full of hate, nothing left to sedate me
Been in a cage for everyone’s entertainment
Still your favorite problem child, born to die tragically
So repeat after me

Rest in peace to the old me
Rest in peace to motivation
Rest in peace to complacence
Rest in peace to the good ole days
You can find all that in the grave I lay in

Just a goddamn people pleaser
Mr. pleased to fucking meet you
Prove to me I’m not gonna die alone
I said prove to me I’m not gonna die alone and I had them all singing
“Ha Ha Ha Ha”

Mr. let me hand you all my burdens in excruciating detail
Then leave you off whenever you're looking slight and frail

Fuck it

So what am I in love with?
Well I'm in love with being alone
Because that's the only thing I ever learned to do all on my own

What are you in love with?
Besides digging my ditch?
Tossing me into filth?
What are you in love with?
What are you in love with?

Just a goddamn people pleaser
Mr. I love you too much to tell you how I hate you

Bury me a disgrace
Next to all my mistakes
And when I’m lowered down you can spit in my face
Just a fucking waste
Track Name: SYF
Skeleton Youth never die
I need my fix to get by
I hope I don't feel like this all the time
Feeling everyone's thoughts and not mine

We all have something we’re addicted to
Me? All I ever do is think about you
I need my fix to get by
Or I’ll cross out my heart and put a shell between my eyes
Youth never die
The only thing I have left in my life

You wanna talk about addiction?
Then lets talk about how I can’t be alone
How I made my career off a shitty existence and feeling like I don’t have a home

So I ask myself
What are you complaining for?
Nobody cares about the feelings you’ve felt
They just wanna see you hit the floor
I’m just a 10-56
I mean a Freudian Slip
No ones been listening when I say that I’m not fitting in
A woe is me existence
Its best to keep your distance

Feeling everyone's thoughts and not mine
And feeling them all of the time
Feeling everyone’s thoughts and not mine
And I never asked for it

Started from the bottom now we’re the top in the trash
Pop a pill and then laugh
Bout how I’ve always been somewhere between first and last
Put your hands up if you can't stomach the public
And every single day you wish you had somebody

I need my fix, I need my fix
I can’t keep living like this
Just a lonely fucking addict
Who doesn’t wanna the habit

I'm sick of crying to you, I'm sick of clawing for drugs
The youth is my god and my crutch
I'm not enough, nothing's ever enough
My anxiety is my god and my crutch
Track Name: love
You have brought me to my death, to live with all of my loyal friends
In the dirt, where you're not dead, you're breathing, separated from your hospital bed
"We're gathered here today to celebrate a life", they said
They said, I said, I said

That it's my fault, it's my fault
You're all gone and it's my fault
It’s my fault
So I throw my head into the drywall
Now I only measure time in "days since you died"
And for every rising number there's a gear of mine that ceases to grind
On the day of your funeral I looked from behind and your casket started to dance and the flowers grew fast and intertwined
This is me saying I don't know how to live without you and never have
So sing me to sleep
As those flowers start to weep

Love is dead
But still the thought circles my bed
I don't know if I can walk this road again
Love is dead, love is dead
"Can't miss what was never alive" I said
As I blew one last kiss, the end.
We’re all born with a weapon
To scream love with no sentiment
It's an epidemic
Spreading fast like depression
Locked and loaded towards my head
You tore out my chest and
Left me forever, at least I guessed it

So forget about love right?
Just forget about love?
Every beating heart only beats to be stung
So motherfuck love
The reason I forgot how to trust

I love you so much I carved it in my abdominals
I'm sorry if that hurts to hear but it hurts me more to swallow it
Everyday you're on my mind, really, I promise it
I promise it

Promise that I still think of you often
Promise that there's room for 2 in my coffin
Signed your name on my heart then dotted my eyes with your cross lips
Do you think about me still?
Do you think about me still?

So motherfuck love, motherfuck love
You’re the only thing that I want to be a part of
I never really wanted to be in love
Cause the gun in your heart is what I’m afraid of
That’s what I’m afraid of

I hope you never find your calling
I hope you never stop being so self revolving
I hope all those doors get shut in your face
I hope you always feel out of place
I hope you don't always stay so beautiful
and that maybe one day I won't miss you still
I hope you spend your days laughing
I just hope that you're perfectly happy
Word is bond, word is bond
So when I say that I’d tear off my arms
I mean it 100% I’d give you my all
I’d give you my all
I want you here next to me always
I wrote it on the walls of my hallways, all day
I think about you all day
I think about you all day
Track Name: DO YOU?
Do you think about me still?
Do you think about me still? Do you?
I keep falling but never falling six feet deep
Stay together for the kids
So that when they grow old they may know what love is
Nothing but a painful myth
A song we sing with all our friends
I guess it's alright for you to leave if you spend every second in grief
Mourning the loss of the man you wished you could be
Forget, forget, forget,
Pretend, pretend, pretend,
It’s all the same in the end

Love will never die never die never die never
Forever I forever I forever I’m alone

Hand stuck on the holster
I don’t know if I told ya
Everyday I get older
Your words a bit feel colder
Support support support is that so much to ask for
Your son, your pride and joy, had been in the shadow of your smolder

And it destroyed any faith
That I had in things staying the same
I never wanted my parents anyway
Just a little upset today
Just a little upset today

Love only comes in deadly spurts
Cause there’s nothing more to life than being hurt

Don't think about me too much
After all, I’m only your son
Track Name: warmth
I carried the weight of your cold stone casket
But all the while it tore up my back and
Mangled my mind
With flashbacks of how hard I worked before I left you behind
And when I got to your grave the hole wasn't deep enough
To house the part of me that left when I decided to give up

So I spent hours in the dirt, digging and digging
Relentless and tiresome like this life I'd been living
All dressed in black, I watched them lower you down
I cried for you to come back, but your home is in the ground
Everyday I watch the sun go down
I wish I could bottle that moment
Cause it’s the only time I feel your warmth around

The only time that I feel your presence
I could stay there forever
I miss when days were better
I could stay there forever

I buried my dreams today
I gave up on everything today
I’m alone and I know it
And I’m afraid of getting older
Cause everyday is another chance for the world to tear out my heart and expose it
We’re all alone and we know it
Raise your guns for this poet
I’ve got a lot of problems don’t know if you’ve noticed

Forever young, I wanna be forever young
My youth is dead
So I wrote my own and it’s yet to be read
I watch my vision fade from black to blue to red again and again and again

Depressions a bitch but at least she’s someone to hold
Does she love me? I guess I don’t know
But she makes me feel and that’s a reason not to let go
I tell myself that we’re inseparable
I’m alone and I know it
Everyday I sink a bit lower
Living deep in a death culture
A gun on the hip that starts to inch closer
We’re all alone and we know it
Put it to the head for some closure
So sing along if you know it
Into the abyss let me be your chauffeur

I’ve got nightmares where we’re together
And you whisper that you’re here forever
Whether the dark and shaded weather fades
You’re everywhere I go; everywhere I lay
I hate it I hate it I hate it
But I whisper that I love you
Because one plus one makes two
And I hate being alone but at least, misery, I’ve got you
I hate being alone but at least, misery, I’ve got you

My whole life I’ve felt pretty worthless
But then you came in and gave me a purpose
Baby lemme tell you one time, one time
You’re the only one I’ve ever wanted to be mine
Feeling miserable and she’s all mine
Feeling miserable and she’s all mine
I met the devil and she was gorgeous
She told me how much she loved me and that I was important
So much til my body was freed from discordance
As she slowly removed her blade from my organs

I met the devil as she made her home in my brain
She looked at me and smiled and said you know my name
I am all of the fears that eat you away
Forever this is my home, may you rest in pain

I met the devil and she bore a blank face
She lives inside of all my mistakes
She isn’t real
She is every emotion I never knew how to conceal
She isn’t real
She’s inside my head and tells the world how I feel

Trigger finger itching
To start a revolution
Sick of all the kids who overdo it
Sick of how I feel when I’m alone in my room so I made a place for us to live together, me and you
Promise that there’s room for two in my coffin
As long as you promise to think of me often

I think the truth is that I never learned to cope with shit
Spending all my time trying to reconcile my innocence
Couldn't find love so I found it in my sentences
Skeleton Youth saves me from my sentiments

I know when you cry you think of me
How you're turning into all you don't want to be
How you wish you were a little less like me
A little less lonely
Well I’m sorry and welcome you to the family
I don’t know how to be happy
But neither do you
Stuck in the dirt, just us two
Alone together
Skeleton Youth Forever
Alone together
Skeleton Youth Forever
Track Name: innocence
I spent hours outside your window with my hands over my mouth
To make sure not a whimper or insult spilled out

And as much as I hate it the silence felt comfortable, because neither one of us were there to turn to the

Vicious names and anecdotes about how every second together and apart felt like being choked

It felt better to reminisce, whisper into the ambiance the stories of things we built and how we used to be in love

Sending out an SOS
Looking for my better half

When you used to hold my hand when we were young, laughing, on the run away from the problems that everyone said would come

I remember the day you slid off your dress, and I stared at it as it turned alabaster to coke white like the rest

Back before I was bitter and back before you packed your bags, I know when I yelled it hurt you but sometimes my voice is all I have

Back before we needed success and I didn't live with the weight of the world around my neck, your life was mine to invest; your light enveloped my head

Sending out an SOS
Looking for my better half

Your life was mine to invest; your light enveloped my head

I swear I did what I had to do to live, I just got lost chasing my dreams somewhere between now and when I was a kid
Innocence, oh innocence, let me in, the last part of myself that I truly miss
Track Name: FOREVER
You were my pen, you were my paper
You were my devil, you were my savior
You were what was in my head at 3AM
When my mind was too stubborn to let anyone else in

I’m a lost cause
My gun talks
It tells me how it wants me gone
All the pills I cough
Told me to write this song
I’ve been written off
I’m always on the rocks, ha
Microphone check
I'm still feeling depressed
Nobody cares til you've got rope marks around your neck
So fake your death, fake your death
Pretend you’re on your last breath
My façade will carry me to the end

And if we're being honest the suicide notes were just written for attention
Because you all didn't use to love me back before the depression
And now my minds full of garbage so they prescribe narcotics
And to be deathly honest it's killing me how distant I've gotten
How distant I’ve gotten

Undiagnosed fucking has-been
Still spends his life in a hospital bed and
Hocks up his own mistakes and engraves all of the dates
Of each time he laid waste to a blessing in the creases of his young face

Waltzing in the moonlight
With all the friends inside my own mind
Nothing new, I think I'm better off alone right?
I only smile to waste time
Between now and when I die
We only smile to waste time
Between right now and when we die

And when I’m awake at 3 am
Guess what’s on my mind again
It’s not you but the youth
We’re all alone so follow suit
Into nothing, just me and you
And ever
And ever